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We have an incredibly versatile team of workers, which allows us to complete complicated projects with high quality results within the time frame given. All of the crew members have their own specialty, however they have experience with all kinds of trades and can assist with completing any tasks needed to further the project along. We are also small enough to where we will focus all of our attention on one or two projects at a time and this allows us to truly put in all the extra effort it takes to create the best work possible, moving quickly but precisely. Unlike larger companies, our size lets us help our clients in emergencies as well since we can mobilize quickly and focus all of our attention if something important comes up suddenly.


Large Scale Construction


Concrete Blocks
Veneer Masonry
Granite (Countertops usually)
Marble (Floors, pillars etc.)


Iron Fences and Gates
Steel & Stainless Steel
Doors, Floors, Platforms, Railings
Various Alloys

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Our service area is in Austin and the surrounding towns such as Georgetown, Pflugerville, Killeen, and San Marcos.

We are fully insured.


We are here to serve you.

General Contracting

Piatra Inc specializes in doing general contracting projects for government agencies in the Austin area. We have done many projects involving the coordination of all kinds of tradespeople and materials. The beauty of Piatra is that we can do government buildings as well as commercial facilities. After years of creating various structures, we have become proficient in the organization of complex projects with a lot of moving parts and precise instructions. All of our work is to code and is fully approved by the City of Austin.

Great Results

Here at Piatra, the main goal is to satisfy our clients and going the extra mile in planning the projects so well that at the end of the day you are happy. We show promising results that inspire us to push ourselves to even greater heights in subsequent projects we undertake.

Fast Work

If you don’t have much time to get the work done, not to worry! We can get things moving and happening faster than most other companies due to our laser focus on one to two projects at a time. The size of our crew isn’t large, but we work hard and can be there any time day or night to ensure everything is on schedule.

Best Quality

Piatra works with trained, qualified professionals who use the best materials and tools. We stand by the quality of the work we do and take pride in the fact that we have done amazing things together.


Do you keep postponing your concrete projects because you cannot find the
right team to help you with what you need, when you need it? We can help you
NOW. Whether you are looking to bring your fresh ideas to life or repair old concrete, Piatra has the experience to build it for you.


If you are thinking about some new hard landscaping ideas, Piatra’s masonry
team is here to help. We strive for first quality work on all your projects – new
or restoration.
 Whatever your chosen material – stone, brick, pavers, concrete blocks – we guarantee you will be happy with the result.


Piatra’s welding team has been helping both residential and commercial clients with a variety of welding projects, from ornamental to simply functional.  But even if your project does not seem to be among these, do not hesitate to call us. Whatever your needs, our team of skilled welding specialists will work with you to successfully complete your project.

View Our Latest Projects

One of the most notable projects done by Piatra Inc for Capital Metro, is a large bus stop, located at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport, shaped like a guitar and made of plexiglas and bent steel. The design of the guitar was selected among many design submissions and proved to be a truly artistic project including a built in screen, led lights and many creative workarounds due to its irregular shape…