Industry Experts

Piatra Inc. was founded in 2006 as a woman-owned company, specializing in concrete, welding and masonry projects.  Gradually, as the scope and range of projects grew, so did the company.

Presently, Piatra Inc. is a prominent general contractor committed to quality, sustainability and budget-friendly solutions, overseeing increasingly larger projects such as new construction of government buildings  as well as remodels and maintenance of facilities.

The company is led by Mirela Ivan Glass, the founder and President.  Despite being a Romanian immigrant in America, her passion for challenges and construction gave her the ability to build the company from ground up and create strong working relationships with each and every client.

Focused on Outcomes

Here at Piatra, the main goal is to satisfy our clients and going the extra mile in planning the projects so well that at the end of the day you are happy. We show promising results that inspire us to push ourselves to even greater heights in subsequent projects we undertake.

Work is Done Quickly

If you don’t have much time to get the work done, not to worry! We can get things moving and happening faster than most other companies due to our laser focus on one to two projects at a time. The size of our crew isn’t large, but we work hard and can be there any time day or night to ensure everything is on schedule.

Quality Guaranteed

Piatra works with experienced craftsman, trained and qualified professionals. We stand by the quality of the work we do and take pride in the fact that we have achieved amazing results together.

Teamwork is King

Having a relationship with our clients is very important, as well as keeping up the morale in our own ranks. We care about our workers and treat them well since we are one big family. We place a high value on teamwork and that is what makes Piatra such a great place to work for and with.

Diverse and Inclusive

Our company was started by a woman who immigrated from Romania. Our team is diverse and keenly opposed to any type of discrimination. Most of our team are bilingual or multi-lingual, conversing in English, Spanish or Romanian.

Totally Insured

We have General Liability insurance, Umbrella, Workers Comp. and Auto insurance. Due to working closely with Capital Metro we also have Railroad Protective Insurance. We’ve got anything covered.

Our service area is in Austin and the surrounding areas. 

Our warehouse is located at 5813 Hudson St. Austin,TX 78721.

View Our Latest Projects

One of the most notable projects done by Piatra Inc for Capital Metro, is a large bus stop, located at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport, shaped like a guitar and made of plexiglas and bent steel. The design of the guitar was selected among many design submissions and proved to be a truly artistic project including a built in screen, led lights and many creative workarounds due to its irregular shape…